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Select the system you would like to set-up.
Choose your payment plan

Purchase prepaid credits to create reports and use other functions. Simply recharge credits as needed.
+ Notes:
- No upfront cost
- Single user accounts can only be logged in from one location at a time
- Switch over to Enterprise mode anytime

Flat-rate Subscription:
Pay a flat monthly rate per user license with access to all of the application features.
+ Notes:
- Create and manage additional user accounts
- Multiple logins (minimum two user licenses)
- More economical for larger organizations who generate a large number of reports regularly
Single User
Single user model is designed for smaller companies - you pay as you go - meaning, if you go for weeks without a customer, you don't have to pay a dime.

- Single user model only allows one user to be using the system at a time.

- Report are generated using prepaid credits similar to recharging a prepaid phone card.

- You have the option to switch over to Enterprise mode at any time.
You have selected the Single User payment plan.

Single users are only allowed one user to be using the system at a time. Payment works much like a prepaid phone plan, where the system is "recharged" for credits to be used on reports and other functions.

You can recharge credits as you go at your own pace once your account is set up. You may also upgrade to Enterprise User once your business grows to the point where flat-rate subscription becomes more economical.

Clicking "Next" will prompt you will the credit purchase screen. Select how many credits you would like to purchase to get started.


Enterprise model is designed for companies who generate reports on a regular basis.The model also allows for simultaneous connections from multiple users.

- Multiple users can log-in to the system simultaneously.
- Monthly subscription-based.
- More economical for companies who generate a large number of reports on a regular basis.
You have selected the Enterprise payment plan

Basic Enterprise users receive two user licenses, meaning you can
have up to two simultaneous users online at the same time.If you wish
to add more, you can do so later after you log-in.

Item Unit Cost Qty Cost Frequency
Account Activation Fee $240 1 $240 One-time
Subscription (2 User licenses) $90 1 $90 Every 30 days
Total due today $330